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Emergency Dentists in Springfield

We accept same-day emergency appointments. Call us today at (484) 810-1247.

Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a MEDICAL emergency,
please dial 911

Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing a DENTAL emergency during regular business hours:
call (484) 810-1247

If you’re realizing, “I need to find an emergency dental office near me,” you’ve taken the first step toward getting the urgent dental care you deserve. Our emergency dentists in Springfield are here to assess and resolve any urgent dental concern you’re dealing with. We even have options to help if you need emergency dental care without insurance.

Where to Look for Urgent Dental Care

The emergency dentists at our dental office are ready to see patients who require emergency dental services. We know that anyone with dental pain needs assistance as quickly as possible. That’s why we set aside blocks of time during the day for urgent appointments. If you’re looking for, “emergency dental care near me,” contact us today, and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment and answer any questions you may have.

What Services Can Emergency Dentists Provide?

I want to know if the emergency dental office near me can treat my dental problem.

Even those who practice excellent dental hygiene can find themselves in need of emergency dental services. Unexpected tooth decay and injuries can happen to anyone. The list below outlines some of the dental services we provide:

  • Emergency tooth repair for a cracked or damaged tooth
  • Emergency tooth pain management for teeth that are decayed, damaged, or impacted
  • Emergency tooth extraction when a tooth can’t be saved
  • Dental infection treatments
  • Lost or loose filling and crown replacement
  • Orthodontic device repair

When to Go to An Emergency Dental Office

I might need emergency dental care near me, but how can I know for certain?

Our emergency dental office is poised to provide fast relief to anyone facing emergency tooth pain or injury. Here are some examples of the problems our emergency dentists can treat.

Chipped or Fractured Teeth

Chipped or fractured teeth have multiple causes, such as accidents on the sports field or teeth grinding at night. A tooth that is damaged is vulnerable to decay and bacterial infection. Seek emergency tooth repair as soon as possible.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you have a knocked-out tooth, please contact us right away for emergency dental care. Losing a tooth due to trauma can be very upsetting. However, it’s possible that the tooth can be reimplanted or otherwise restored.

Severe Toothache Pain

Don’t put up with the pain of a toothache unnecessarily. No matter what is causing the pain in your tooth, our dentists will figure it out and provide relief for your pain.

Tooth Sensitivity

Our emergency dentists can address the underlying cause of your tooth sensitivity. Sudden or extreme tooth sensitivity may be caused by a fractured or infected tooth.

Tooth Decay and Cavities

Tooth decay sends patients in search of emergency tooth repair when severe decay reaches the nerve-laden center of the tooth. Stop decay from progressing any further with prompt dental attention.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is a serious infection that is sometimes accompanied by a red lump above the gum line. It’s critical to resolve this potentially dangerous infection as soon as possible.

Lost or Loose Fillings

Lost or loose fillings are an everyday emergency. Our dentists will refill the tooth or decide if there is another solution for the problem.

Damaged Crowns or Restorations

Damaged crowns and restorations affect the look of your smile. They also expose sensitive teeth and leave them susceptible to damage.

Orthodontic Pain or Injury

Emergency care for orthodontic pain can keep you in comfort until your next appointment with your orthodontist. Get help fast for orthodontic pain due to wires or brackets that have broken or moved out of place.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding during the day or at night can require emergency dental care because the pressure exerted during grinding can fracture or chip teeth or restorations. It can also cause sensitivity when it wears away the tooth enamel.

Uncomfortable Sinus Pressure

Our dentists are knowledgeable about the relation between dental health and sinus pain or pressure. It’s not unusual for dental issues to be behind unexplained sinus pressure. Only by diagnosing the correct cause can the problem be effectively resolved.

What should I do if I have a more concerning condition?

Call 911 for immediate medical attention or go to the nearest emergency room if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Severe trauma to your face or mouth
  • A jaw injury, such as a dislocation or a fracture
  • Serious or severe bleeding
  • Swelling of the face or other sign of an acute infection

How Much Does Emergency Dental Care Cost?

Our emergency dentists will provide you with your treatment cost after they conduct a dental examination and create a comprehensive treatment and follow-up plan. The final cost depends on the unique characteristics of your dental condition.

DentRite® is a savings plan for people that don’t have dental care coverage or who don’t have reasonable coverage through their insurance provider. DentRite® isn’t insurance, and you don’t have to qualify to be accepted like you would for a dental insurance plan. Instead, it’s a discount plan that gives its members savings on the dental services they need. DentRite® customers can save 20 to 70 percent on dental services including major procedures, such as emergency tooth removal and crown replacements. Please call with any questions you have about low-cost dental care and financing.

Where can I find an emergency dentist in my area for an after-hours dental emergency?

When you need medical attention for a serious dental condition or injury outside of our office hours, seek help from an urgent care clinic or an emergency room, or call 911 whenever in doubt. Medical services can address the acute pain of a 24hour dental emergency, and our emergency dentists in Springfield provide comprehensive resolutions for your dental problems. For thorough dental care from emergency dentists inside office hours, please contact us as soon as possible.

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Really appreciated the office call the day after my appointment, just to check on me.
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Quick, efficient, quality care.
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Great service and excellent workmanship. Courteous and friendly staff, all very professional and knowledgeable. Nice and clean waiting room and […]
Harry W.
The staff is very helpful and respectful. They are very good with accomodating and I am glad to use this facility as my provider.
Stacey B.
I had a great visit. Everyone is so professional and my cleaning was great. I can't wait until my next visit!
Megan R.
Friendly, courteous service. I will recommend to family and friends.
Anita B.
Excellent service and staff.
Excellent dentistry, very nice people.
Everyone there is kind. Felt no pain.
Michelle B.
It was my first time there. Everyone was very courteous and helpful. Evaluated my needs and charted a long term program of care. Helped me with a […]
Charles S.
Natalie at springfield office is great! thorough, gentle and caring.
Edwin J.
The wait was minimal, the staff was friendly and they were able to do my cleaning and fill my cavities in one visit. Highly recommended!
Helen G.
Everyone from the moment I first walked in was extremely friendly! As someone who gets a little nervous about going to the dentist, they put me at […]
Staff is excellent, professional, but also puts you at ease. They don't make you feel badly or scold you for not taking good care of your teeth.
Garrett N.
The dentist & staff are extremely personable & genuine.
Jennifer S.
Natalie is a great hygienist!!!
Maria H.
All the staff are extremely nice and will work with you to make you experience the best they can!!
Jaclyn B.
Great service. Very welcoming and warm people. I was scared to death. I hate the dentist and they made it not so scary.
Erica C.
nice and gentle
Joan D.
Quick and efficient.
Susan L.
I didn't have any work done yet but my new patient appointment was excellent. The receptionist was friendly and efficient and the doctor and his […]
Wendy F.
Friendly, knowledgeable, caring, and helpful doctor and staff.
Jason G.
They were great. Kind and pleasant. And did a great job on my teeth.
Michelle B.
I had a toothache and they took me right away! The staff and dentist were excellent.
Madeline P.
Excellent care, especially for an emergency visit.
Theresa M.
It was a very pleasant experience. All of the staff were very kind and accommodating, and made sure that I was kept up to date on all the information […]
Ivy D.
Great experience. Doctor listened to my concerns and was very thorough.
Richard C.
This is a fast and efficient dental operation. The cleanliness of the rooms are impressive. Everyone is so friendly!
Beverly B.
Very friendly, would definitely return.
Shikina M.
My tooth flared up at 2 am, I hoped the pain would pass. Swelling took place and the pain increased. On a sat. morning @ 11 am I called for an appt. […]
Kevin C.
Staff was great, no lectures about my dental hygiene.
Garrett N.
Everyone is very nice!
Jeanette R.
I have a fear of dentist but the staff was knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and best of all created a minimum of pain.
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I think everyone at this Gentle Dental location is wonderful!
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Friendly staff...always a pleasant experience.
Carolyn T.
Very pleasant atmosphere and people are very attentive. They make you feel very comfortable.
Nancy H.
I have gone to Gentle Dental for my dental care for over 10 years and I already have been recommending their wonderful dental care to family members […]
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Sadly, I have never enjoyed going to the dentist, Gentle Dental of Springfield makes your visit comfortable. Everyone is always can […]
Carolyn T.
I Thank you for the work that was done on Tuesday everything was well.I was a little nervous but you made me feel comfortable Thank you.
Rhonda W.
Everyone was very friendly. Relaxed and pain free!
Michelle B.
Natalie did a great job as usual with no pain.
Edwin J.
great fast service and nice people.
Christopher K.
The staff at Gentle Dental in Springfield is very professional, pleasant and caring to their patients.
Jewlette S.
My experience was great. Staff was great, no issue or problems. I actually look forward to my dental appointments.
Richard C.
Best dentist ever...Painless root canal, friendly staff and peaceful environment...
Taplah K.
Everyone there in the Springfield, PA practice takes the time to explain every procedure, every step, and all are very pleasant and make you feel […]
Nancy H.
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